Blog #Connected Church

Around the world the Covid-19 pandemic has affected people’s lives in numerous ways, with churches and congregations being no exception.  Therefore one of our congregation’s leaders launched #connectedchurch.  This platform presents an opportunity for churches worldwide to illustrate how their functioning as a community of believers has been changed as a result of the pandemic.  You are welcome to share your experiences in visual format – photos and videos.  We share some of the footage received from our friends in Italy and Germany, as well as material from our own congregation in South Africa, showing the impact of the coronavirus .  We invite all churches in South Africa to share their footage on this platfom.  Please send contributions to Dirk Brand [email protected]/[email protected]

Italy: Lombardy region

Sunday mass in Galliate Lombardo, Varese area (Lombardy Region), during Covid-19 restrictions in Italy.

Italy: The Duomo in Milan and St Paul’s Cathedral, Milan

Archbishop Delpini praying on the roof of the Duomo in Milaan for the protection of the city during the pandemic.

Sunday mass in the St. Paul’s Cathedral, Milan during Covid-19 restrictions in Italy.

Germany:  The Protestant and Catholic churches in Bavaria, Germany



1. During Covid-19 restictions in Germany photo’s of congregation members were placed on the seats of the Erlöserkirche (church), Fürstenfeldbruck to remind members that they are still part of the church.

2.  A banner in front of the St. Johanneskirche, Olching, Bavaria saying: ” I live and you to will live.”



3. During the period of Covid-19 restictions in Germany an open air service was held on Ascending Day in the garden of the Evangelic-Lutheran Church in Fürstenfeldbruck.

4.  A Catholic church in Augsburg, Bavaria during Easter weekend with only three women in the church.

South Africa: Dutch Reformed Church Stellenberg



1.  An empty church during the nationwide lockdown.  No church services were held in the church building during the level 4 and 5 restrictions of the nationwide lockdown.  Online services were available for congregation members on the congregations website.

2. During the nationwide lockdown during March and April 2020 the church complex was transferred in a depot for the packing and distribution of food parcels to underprivileged families and TB patients in the Western Cape.



3. During the level 3 restrictions and a bout of bad weather in the Western Cape,  the hall complex was transferred in a night shelter for the homeless. (June 2020)

4. Reverend Theo Swart, responsible for serving the elderly, met a group of senior citizens at the gate of the old age home during level 3 restrictions.  Very strict regulations are enforced at all old age homes across the country.  No visitors are allowed at any facility for the aged.



5. Bible study groups met each other online via Zoom during the nationwide lockdown in South Africa.  (April 2020)

6.  A family watches an online church service in their own home during the lockdown period.